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Why is Aeration so Important?

     Core aeration is the process of removing small plugs of soil from your lawn. Doing this helps loosen hard compacted soils and improves air exchange in the soil. It also helps improve water absorption and stimulate a deeper root system.  The holes pocketed in the soil from core aeration allow fertilizer and soil amendments to enter the soil quickly and easily. Furthermore, thatch is reduced and microbial activity is accelerated! 

     All lawns benefit from core aeration; however, certain lawns need it more than others. If your yard contains clay soils, you are probably in need of aeration. Clay soils get compacted easily and that leads to all sorts of lawn care problems. If your lawn suffers from heavy traffic, you also run the risk of compact soils. Other signs to be on the look out for are: water run off from rain or irrigation, lawns that brown easily in the summer or lawns with 1/2’’ or more of thatch.
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